Cat’s Senior Care begins before Age-Related Conditions Begin.

As cats get older, there are many subtle signs that degenerative changes are occurring.

Cats are masters at hiding illnesses, which is why bi-annual exams for senior cats are important. As cats age they require more frequent exams to detect early warning signs of disease and to allow us to begin treatment early. Generally, cats over 7-10 years of age are considered seniors.

Symptoms of age related degeneration to watch for:

  • Changes in water consumption, or amount of urine observed in litter.
  • Alterations in appetite, either hungrier or not eating as aggressively
  • Changes in bowel movements: frequency, quantity and consistency
  • Alterations in sleeping or resting habits
  • Changes in playfulness, reluctance to jump or climb
  • Changes in vision and hearing
  • Skin changes: growths, lumps, quality of the hair coat
  • Alteration in the cats’ muscle tone or body weight

You might find that it’s difficult to recognize age-related health changes since the signs of aging develop slowly and are easy for cat owners to miss.  If you notice any of these age-related health changes, please give us a call:

Your senior cat’s wellness exam

Senior cat exams include a complete physical exam plus an in-depth analysis of your cat’s overall health through diagnostic testing which may include senior cat blood work, ECG, Blood pressure. urine and fecal analysis

Nutrition and your senior cat

Senior cats have specialized nutritional needs. Obesity is quite common in older cats; we are here to help you prevent and reverse obesity in your cat. If your senior cat is also facing health issues, he or she may need a special diet to support a chronic medical condition. We will assess your senior cat’s body condition and nutritional needs during their senior wellness exam and talk to you about ways in which you can help your senior cat lose weight or be healthier through proper nutrition.

Keep your senior cat comfortable

Senior cats can still be active.  You can maintain mental stimulation and encourage physical activity with toys, laser lights, and inciting the cats’ natural food hunting instincts.  Improve the cat’s environment, make it more comfortable.  Rest spots that are warm, soft and easily accessible, feeding areas and litter boxes that are easy to reach and utilize. Talk to us about the different ways to stimulate mental and physical activity to suit your senior cats unique personality.

Please call us today to schedule an appointment.