The Food You Feed Your Pet is Important to Their Long-Term Health

Just like humans, nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining your pet’s good health. Proper nutrients are necessary for every organ system to function properly. They rely on us to provide a healthy diet, one that contains the proper nutrients based on age, breed and their individual health needs. Our trained staff will discuss your pet’s nutrition with you at your annual wellness exam and will help you chose the right diet for your pet. We evaluate your pet as an individual who deserves nutritional analysis tailored to his or her breed, age, lifestyle and medical condition.

Before deciding on a new food for your pet, please talk to us. Determining the best food choice grows more difficult each day due to the overwhelming number of available pet food brands and conflicting online information. We are here to help you choose the proper food for your pet.

Prescription pet foods and nutritional supplements

Our pharmacy carries a wide range of prescription foods. These specialized foods support many health issues that your pet may be experiencing, including diabetes, urinary issues, weight management and food allergies. We also carry foods that support good dental care.

If your pet is overweight, please call us

A pet that is overweight or underweight may be experiencing an illness and may be more susceptible to disease and injury. Obesity is a complicating factor in heart conditions, arthritis, liver conditions and other ailments. If you pet is overweight, there are many things you can do to help him get back into shape. Before starting any exercise or diet plan for your pet, please call us so we may rule out any medical reason for their weight loss or weight gain.