This team is responsible for saving our beloved dog! He was nearly a goner and if not for Drs Gelfand, Geltman, Pellegrini and their wonderful team, he would surely have died.We are so thankful for All Creatures!

Jessica Tenzer Avatar
Jessica Tenzer

If I could give this place more stars I would I took a gecko that I found outside in the cold to this location as an emergency & they were so helpful the girls in the front were amazing & Jesse was outstanding the people in the back as well. Many blessings to this location & their staff. I know they are use to dogs & cats but they did as much as they could to help me save this soul. Thank you guys Lucky & I appreciate your help & time.

Romina Lucero Avatar
Romina Lucero

Amazing Vet. We love how they take care of our pets. Would recommend 10/10.

Shira Halevy Avatar
Shira Halevy

They have been wonderful to my 3 pets. Very kind and compassionate.

Leslie Carroll Avatar
Leslie Carroll

great staff and vet. informative helpful and reassuring that my baby, my whole entire world, is going to be ok. will be using this place as my go to for now on.

Noodle Ztawolg Avatar
Noodle Ztawolg

Dr. Gelfand is absolutely a fabulous vet. No hesitation at all. Very communicative and compassionate, not to mention up on all the latest research and technology for animals. That is a huge plus.

Pam Avatar

Petey loves going there and the staff is very nice, understanding and helpful.

Andre Farr Avatar
Andre Farr

Great people taking great care

Lawrence McCarthy Avatar
Lawrence McCarthy

I've been taking my dog here for 14 years and counting. They are wonderful!Edit: After losing my beautiful dog, I just want to reiterate that the vets and staff here are wonderful. Thank you for your kindness.

John Paul O'Loughlin Avatar
John Paul O'Loughlin

Dr. Gelfand is second to none

Courtney Sanello Avatar
Courtney Sanello

This was my first visit and I found the staff very friendly and caring.

Stanley Osborne Avatar
Stanley Osborne

Last July my sweet dog was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver at 10 years old. He was only given three months to live. With the help, care and guidance of Dr. Anghul we were able to have him in our lives for many more months than expected. With the right regimen of medications and care given by Dr. Anghul Rusty lived a more active life than he ever should have. Dr. Gelfand was also involved over the last month and he was extremely informative at the end of all visits. Unfortunately Rusty had to be put to sleep on Monday as his liver had failed along with other complications that could not be helped by anyone. I want to thank each and every staff member for taking such good care of him, and us during this sad time. I am glad my other two dogs will have you taking care of them as well.

kim galante Avatar
kim galante

We have been using All Creatures for over sixteen years. We even waited patiently for them to re-open after Superstorm Sandy.Dr. Geltman feels like a family friend. We trust him implicitly with our dogs and our feral cats that’s we’ve managed to tame over the years.All the doctors and staff are wonderful.Ten stars would be given if I could, and a photo of our Kiku, who crossed the rainbow bridge six months ago...she can attest to their love and care.

Caryn Debrauwere Avatar
Caryn Debrauwere

They care about my dog

Patrick Manna Avatar
Patrick Manna

Thanks guys! Awesome staff recently moved to the area didn’t have a vet and they got my doggie back to good health and was very pleased with the pricing.. will definitely be back.

Gerard Norton Avatar
Gerard Norton