Shelly had a very bad cough. They made room in their schedule for me to bring her in as I was at work but my daughter let me know of the cough. The care was kind and gentle and on point. Shelly so far is doing great. Shelly is my 3rd pup to be under the care of All Creatures. We have a long history The front desk staff and polite and very very helpful! .

Maureen Harris Avatar
Maureen Harris

Just a few words to Try to express our deepest gratitude & appreciation to Dr. Wayne Geltman & the entire staff at All Creatures Veterinary for the past 12 years of dedicated, compassionate, professional care & concern for our beloved Samantha. I could not have asked for better care 'to the very end'. Dr. Geltman's guidance in caring for Samantha, especially in her later years, has been invaluable and of great comfort. Without hesitation, I highly, and sincerely, recommend 'All Creatures' for the care of your beloved pet(s). Whenever needed, either emergency, or routine, I have had complete satisfaction with the care All Creatures has provided to my Samantha & my family. Sincerely, With gratitude, Marc Rosenbaum

Renie Rosenbaum Avatar
Renie Rosenbaum

Highly recommended, truly care about ur pet


My little terror is back to bouncing off the walls! Great nurses, reception, doctors.

Ahmad Jarara Avatar
Ahmad Jarara

They are the best. Going there for many years.

Sally Criscione Avatar
Sally Criscione

New puppy check up.Have used them for over 30 years. Caring and professional staff. AAAAA+ RATING!

Patrick Pope Avatar
Patrick Pope

They're so sweet and patient with my babies

gina buscaglia Avatar
gina buscaglia

Dr. Gelfand is skilled, professional, compassionate and considerate. The entire front desk staff are good natured, patient and helpful - they are extremely nice people!

Martha Tassiello Avatar
Martha Tassiello

All Creatures Vet is the best, they are caring and treat your pets as if they were their own. I have had many pets and all have been with Dr Gelfand and Dr Geltman. They are excellent surgeons. The staff is excellent as well. Love this office.

Sandra G Avatar
Sandra G

It is never easy as pet parents to make the decision to let our babies go. My family and I live in Austin, TX full time but come to Long Beach for the summers. We brought our elderly dog with us, understanding that this would probably be her last trip. On Thursday, we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our sweet Ollie. Dr. Pellegrini, the veterinary technicians, nurses, and front office staff were compassionate and overwhelmingly kind. The supportive and caring nature of everyone involved made for a comforting space to make a tough decision. Thank you.

Joyce Chapa Avatar
Joyce Chapa

No hesitation at all. Very communicative and compassionate, not to mention up on all the latest research and technology for animals. That is a huge plus.

Stephen Pascarella Avatar
Stephen Pascarella


junior pena Avatar
junior pena

Three and a half years ago our previous Vet diagnosed our then 15 year old Rat Terrier, "Mary Moon", with kidney failure and recommended leaving her with them for the weekend. The $750 treatment yielded results for a couple of weeks, and then they recommended repeating the subcutaneous fluid hydration for another weekend, $550 this time. I was having a casual conversation with Lisa D. about putting Mary Moon to sleep since $1300 could go a long way in rescuing some other dog that needed care, when she recommended All Creatures, where she works. I have had dogs, cats and birds for sixty years and I have never met a more caring and loving group of people than those in the Long Beach facility. Under their care MM lived to 18+1/2 years old until today. What is it worth to have your companion for another three and a half years? Priceless! 3.5 years of that cute little face trading kisses for cookies, greeting every arrival as though the most important person in the world just came home. Without exception, each of the people from the Receptionists, to the Manager, to the Vet Techs, to the Vets have obviously found their calling. They perform compassionately in their calling, since it would be a complete understatement to say "job". This place is staffed with the sort of Angels that were responsible for keeping our family together for another few years. You should bring your furry or feathered family here too. The love they show for your pets will rival your own. No doubt about it. -Diane M.

Diane M. Avatar
Diane M.

I love this facility. Dr. Pellegrini is one of the best Vet Dr I have ever been around when it comes drs in their professional areas! Very knowledgeable and always did took very well take care of my cats. Explain every question you might ask! Stuff are very friendly as well and place is clean. Prices are decent and easy to park with car.


They saved my Dogs life.

Patrick Pope Avatar
Patrick Pope