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stem cell therapy at All Creatures Veterinary Services

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Stem Cell Therapy

An Advanced Approach to Treating Arthritis in Dogs

At All Creatures Veterinary Service, we offer advanced procedures to keep your pet healthy and pain-free.  We are pleased to offer one of the lastest treatments, stem cell therapy.

Adult stem cells are capable of dividing into many different cell types.  With this therapy, we can use stem cells as a treatment for:

  • Arthritis
  • Orthopedic and Joint injuries
  • Ligament and tendon damage

Stem cells are the body’s repair cells and they have the ability to divide into many different types of cells based on the bodies’ specific needs.  This makes stem cells useful for repairing tissues damaged by injury or disease.

What Happens During a Stem Cell Procedure?

  • On the day of the procedure, under general anesthesia we will collect a small fat sample from your pet (shoulder or abdomen) during a short surgical procedure.  Typically we remove a couple of tablespoons of fat during the procedure.
  • We will process the fat to remove the stem cells.  Processing the fat generally takes a couple of hours.  During the processing we remove unnecessary contaminant cells, harvest and generate a highly concentrated solution of stem cells which also contains protein rich plasma (PRP) and antibiotics.
  • Once the stem cells have been collected, we will lightly sedate your pet and administer the stem cells into the affected joints and/or into the bloodstream. 
  • Since this is a surgical procedure, please read our surgery page for more information.

Why do you take tissue from the fat tissue?

We collect adult stem cells from fat tissue because fat tissue contains the highest concentration of stem cells within the body. Using fat tissue we are able to collect the necessary cell numbers to make a healing impact in one short procedure.

When Will I See Results?

Quick results are possible, but typically the initial improvement observed is due to the natural anti-inflammatory effects of the protein rich plasma and the stem cells.  We generally do not observe the regenerative benefits of the stem cells for 60-90 days following treatment.

Is this Procedure Safe?

Any procedure involving anesthesia involves risk, but we utilize only safest anesthesic protol (please see our surgery page for more information).  There is no risk of an allergic reaction because the stem cells are coming from your pet and are being re-administered back to your pet.  In rare cases there may be a mild reaction in the injected tissue or joint that should subside within a day or two.

Stem cell therapy uses an animal’s own primitive (stem) cells which are capable of dividing and differentiating into a variety of cell types (such as cartilage, bone, or muscle). In areas of injury or disease, stem cells respond to signaling to allow healing and promote regeneration of injured tissues. The most common clinical application for stem cell therapy is currently chronic arthritis.

At this time protocols incorporating stem cell technology are being tested as therapy for many other conditions such as cerebral and myocardial infarction and immune-mediated diseases.  Chronic renal failure, neurologic, and hepatic diseases are all under investigation and we expect to see stem cells utilized in their treatment in the near future.