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Diagnostic services at All Creatures Veterinary Services

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Diagnostic Services

Advanced Technology to Accurately Diagnose Your Pet's Medical Condition

All Creatures Veterinary Services utilizes advanced technology to help diagnose your pet’s health issues, including:

  • In house laboratory:
    • Staffed by skilled, trained technicians
    • Complete blood analysis by our state of the art blood analyzer.
    • Fecal analysis for parasites by flotation
    • Urinalysis, including analysis for protein using SSA check.
    • Screening tests for Canine Parvovirus, and Feline Leukemia and FIV viruses.
    • Cytology examination of ear, skin, urine and blood specimen
    • Fungal cultures for possible ringworm
  • Digital Radiology (x-rays)
    • Useful to assess bone and joint abnormalities and injuries
    • Detects the presence of foreign material inside the body
    • Used to screen for abnormalities in the heart, lungs, and urinary and digestive organs
    • Used to screen for cancer
    • Typically does not require any form of sedation
    • Digital technology allows us to visualize the image within seconds
    • Environmental friendly—no chemicals to recycle
  • Ultrasound Services
    • Allows our veterinarians to look at the organs of the abdomen or chest such as the liver, kidneys, heart or spleen from as many different angles as needed
    • Painless, non-invasive and safe
    • Typically does not require any form of sedation
    • Allows to safely obtain tissue samples by ultrasound guided needle aspirates or biopsy
  • Video Otoscopy
    • Small scope that allows our veterinarians to visualize inside a dog or cat’s ear
    • Fiber scope offers clearer view and greater detail of the ear drum
    • The image is projected into a screen for examination
    • Used to accurately diagnose and treat challenging cases of chronic ear infections
    • Irrigation, debris removal and sample collection can be achieved
  • ECG and blood pressure monitoring
    • Helps detect hypertension, and to evaluate and stabilize critically ill pets
    • Provides a baseline reading during comprehensive physical exams for older or sick pets
    • Used to assess pets’ condition while under anesthesia