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Canine Wellness Care


1.The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

2. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

At All Creatures Veterinary services, we believe is important to build and maintain a strong foundation for your pet’s health from birth. Annual Wellness examinations allow us to catch a potential problem well before it becomes serious – as with humans, early detection and diagnosis offer a much better chance for a quick and full recovery. The immune and organ systems of a healthy canine are much better able to fight off a disease or an illness before it becomes a serious problem.

About Vaccines: There is much being written about the overuse of vaccines, especially about their toxicity and the practice of giving multiple vaccines at once. While we support the selective use of vaccines, we take an individualized approach to their use.  Vaccine programs are tailored for the individual animal and take into account the pet’s lifestyle, geographic location and health status. You will be an active partner in making vaccination decisions for your pet and we will respect the choices you have when vaccinating your pet.

About Diet: Food choices are not a matter of right or wrong, black or white.  Each pet’s nutritional needs are different, and we will help you make intelligent choices based upon your health expectations for your pet.

Flea, Tick and Heartworm Control: We will discuss a variety of chemical and alternative natural remedies with you for use against common parasites such as ticks, fleas and heartworm. We will discuss which option is best for your pet by factoring in your priorities, your pet’s general health and the environmental conditions in your geographical location.

Spay and Neuter Surgery: All Creatures Veterinary Services recommends that all non-breeding dogs be spayed or neutered.  The best time to spay your dog is between 6-8 months of age, when they are puppies, to gain the most health benefits from the surgery.  We use the most modern anesthesia protocol so that your pet is at minimal risk. A neuter is a relatively uncomplicated procedure and all neutered animals are typically sent home the same day as surgery. However, spay surgery is major surgery.  Whenever possible we will send spayed females home on the same day as surgery.  This does require that the owners feel confident that they can keep their dog quiet and contained in a crate, bathroom or other small space where she can’t jump and where she won’t be stressed by children or other pets. We will consult with you so that together we may decide whether your dog will do best by spending the night in our hospital or at home with you.