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Veterinarian in Long Beach NY
Veterinarian in Long Beach NY
Veterinarian in Long Beach NY

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Meet Our Caring Staff


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Michele Knox, Office Manager

Michele has been with Dr. Gelfand since he started veterinary house calls in Long Beach in 1987 and has watched the practice grow from humble beginnings to what it has become today. She has been the office manager for too many years to count. “This hospital has wonderful and caring doctors and support staff, and I am proud to work here”. Michele is a lifelong Long Beach resident and is married with one son.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

All Creatures Veterianry Services-Receptionist-Image

Lisa Donovan, Head Veterinary Technician

I graduated from Molloy College with a degree in psychology/philosophy, then went on to SUNY Farmingdale to receive my Veterinary Technician License. I enjoy working with people, but working with animals is my lifelong passion. I like spending time with my husband and daughter who both share my love of animals. Over the past 20 years, my family has included dogs, cats ,exotic animals and even wildlife. I love the outdoors and spending time in my cabin in Pennsylvania.

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Susann Harris, LVT

I have been working at All Creatures since 1996. In 2000 I graduated from Suffolk Community College as a licensed veterinary technician and began working at All Creatures in that capacity. When I’m not at work helping animals, I can be found at home spending quality time with my husband and playing with my dog Reaper.

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Jamie Sachs, LVT


Monique Entes, LTV

Monique Entes, LVT

I started coming to All Creatures over 20 years ago with my dog Lucy ( the best dog) and now it has been over 10 years that I have worked here as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I consider All Creatures my second home that I share with a crazy but loveable Shih-Tzu named l.e.d. ,a not too bright but sweet Standard Poodle named George, and an amazing staff that has the same amount of respect and love for the animals as I do.


All Creatures Veterianry Services-Receptionist-Image

Adele Jacobs

My name is Adele and I have been a receptionist at All Creatures since 2000. I’m the owner of four spoiled cats and one husband. I love working with all the animals, they make me smile everyday

All Creatures Veterianry Services-Receptionist-Image

Dawn Palmeri

I’ve been a member of the All Creatures staff since Sept 2002. I am a receptionist  and I find the veterinary field very rewarding. I’ve been working with animals my entire life. I am the proud mother of three grown children and two grandchildren. Oh and by the way my house is full of fur and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Eileen Devine

All Creatures is my second professional home. After a fulfilling career in higher education administration at St. John’s University, I am now embracing another love in helping animals and “their” people. My cats and I have been clients of All Creatures for many years and I am very happy to have become part of this place of healing. I began my second career at All Creatures making phone calls and performing administrative work and after Superstorm Sandy I took over some receptionist duties as well. I love Long Beach, and I share my home here with my sister, our flock of cats and my feline loving dog “Murphy”.


All Creatures Veterianry Services-Receptionist-Image


I have been with All Creatures for over a year now.  I have a dog and three cats of my own.  When I am not caring for the animals at All Creatures I can usually be found in my Jeep 4 wheeling somewhere.