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Fear Free Pet Services at All Creatures Veterinary Services

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Fear Free Certified

What is "Fear Free"?

Fear, anxiety and stress or FAS are real emotions our pets can experience during their visit to the vet. Although the signs may be subtle, up to 75% of dogs and cats will experience some form of FAS.

Here at All Creatures we want to do everything we can to reduce or eliminate these feelings for you and your pet before and during your visit to our practice. That is why our doctors, technicians and support staff have embraced and become certified in the “Fear Free” philosophy of veterinary medicine.

The "Fear Free" methods and protocols we use lead to a reduction or removal of anxiety triggers, which creates an experience that is more enjoyable, rewarding and safer for all involved.

We can provide Calming Packets for clients to pick up prior to their visit to our hospital. The packets include a calming pheromone wipe (Feliway or Adaptil), a calming (over the counter) supplement (Solliquin) and if needed an anti-anxiety or sedative medication for your pet.

Our goal is to minimize any anxiety your pet experiences prior to your visit as much as during your visit. This is why we recommend using pheromone wipes, playing soothing music and keeping carriers secure, stable and placed on a flat surface during transport to the hospital. Also, consider covering the carrier with a towel to minimize visual stimuli and carry the carrier from underneath to decrease any excess motion.

Bring your pet in hungry for your visit so treats we offer are more appealing. The use of treats helps distract your pet in a positive but rewarding way. Of course, let us know of any dietary restrictions we need to be aware of.

Please ask us about our "Fear Free" approach to the care of your pet and things we can do to make your visit as stress-free as possible for you and your pet.